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January 10
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I M A G I N A R Y by k-i-mm-i-e I M A G I N A R Y by k-i-mm-i-e
Where the wind will whisper to me
Where the raindrops, as they’re falling, tell a story

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby 
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me...



Female Model bought from

& the rest is painted in CS4 + my own.
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Hello k-i-mm-i-e and thank you for your patients for your critique I am from :iconbeaute-lamour: and I am here to provide you with your critique. Please keep in mind I will be completely honest and respectful, and that all critiques are subjected. Thank you.

I would like to begin by saying this looks incredible and beautiful and you are a very skilled artist. You executed your concept masterfully and the piece communicates the concept very very well. The image represents the title and the poem very strongly and it is just all around beautiful.
This piece is very professionally done and is very high quality. The stocks are cropped seamlessly, with out any jagged of soft edges and they are blended well to the point this looks like a surreal photograph. The perspective is also very natural and realistic with things in the background smaller than the ones in the foreground. You add depth to your piece by making the foreground more in focus than the background: this adds to the focal point. The elements in your piece are placed will and the horizontal composition compliments the serene mood.
Your lighting is very beautiful. The stocks all share the same light source and your piece has a wide range in values, and the shadows are very naturalistic and the match the light source. You have an incredible eye for details. The bubbles and the birds are a great hint of detail that strengthens your concept and composition rather than overwhelm it, they are a beautiful, refreshing and fun element in your art piece.
The most powerful and I mean very captivating aspect of this piece is your brilliant color scheme. Your skills as an artist are very apparent through your use of colors to strengthen your composition. The use of purple adds the surreal and dreamlike mood that not only reinforces the concept but adds such a mystical atmosphere to your piece. The color scheme is very soft but has great contrast through the variety of different purple's/ magenta's. The colors are very balanced, the darker hues in the vegetation contrast with the light desaturated sky and strengthen the emphasis on the young lady, which in turn makes her a very powerful focal point. The blending of the colors look seamless and you incorporated the warm tones of her skin into other areas of the piece and this makes the colors look more natural, flowing and harmonious versus being stiff. I cannot stress how strong your color scheme is and how you executed it perfectly. Your colors are harmonious, blended, balanced and convey the mood and reinforce your concept.
I must say, it is rare that when I am asked to critique a piece, that I can't find any suggest to give to the artist, whether it be tips for improvement or just some suggestions that they might find fun to add to their piece. But this piece I think is flawless. I seriously don't have any suggestions on anything to improve( in fact I can't even find anything I would suggest to improve on), nor can I give suggestions on things to add. I have just got back online 2 days ago and in that time I have analyzed this artwork and I am speechless. I think this piece is just flawless, beautiful and mystical. You have a very powerful composition, masterful use of color and lighting. Also this piece has a mystical and surreal mood that really makes the audience feel like they are in a dreamlike state or in a actual beautiful dream. This piece is wonderful and I can only honestly say keep it the beautiful artwork.

I hope this critique helped you in some way, whether it be with tips, or maybe helped your realize your strengths or just to encourage you to see what an amazingly skilled artist you are. If you would like another critique in the future please feel free to put in a request.

-thank you and have a pleasant day
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